mardi 12 novembre 2013

Giant Mutant Tibetan Mastiff Found in Russia, Born of Fukushima Waters

Giant Mutant Tibetan Mastiff Found in Russia, Born of Fukushima Waters

 Russian researcher dwarfed in size as he snaps shot of young giant mutant Tibetan mastiff.
Stalingrad, Russia – Russian officials are confirming the existence of a new dog species: the giant Tibetan Mastiff.  Genetic tests have confirmed Fukushima radiation in the dog’s genes, confirming that runoff from Japan has contaminated Russia waters and is not creating genetic monstrosities in the nation.
To date, dozens of reported sitings of giant Tibetan mastiffs running throughout the Russian Siberian tundra have been reported, but it was not until this week that researchers were able to confirm the dog.
As locals had reported, the dog looks fierce but is actually friendly and social.  The giant mastiffs have a bellowing, raspy bark and one native-Russian woman claims the dog actually defended her and her three daughters from a prowling bear.
“The dog [giant Tiberian mastiff] ran from the frosted thickets, right as the bear loomed toward our fire.  I thought we were in trouble, my leg being bad and not able to run with my kids.  But this dog snapped at the bear and chased it off, then sat around the fire with my family for a few minutes and then ran off and out of sight.”
Researchers checking the area found a pack of mastiffs, two of them expressing giant size.  Standing on all fours, the dogs were nearly 7 feet tall and though researchers tried to tag them with tranquilizer darts, the medicated tips had no effect and the dogs all escaped.  Researchers state they will try to track the dogs again and use a heavier dose of dozing agents.  The dog is estimated to weight a half ton.
tibetan mastiffThe giant mastiff is already fetching a huge price on Russian personal sites, with several Russian billionaires stating they will pay upward of $1 million dollars to whoever can safely capture and transport one of the giant mutant mastiffs to them to have as a pet.  This makes the giant mutant Tibetan mastiff the world’s most expensive dog to date.

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